There are various vicars who help to do the work of the archdiocese.


The Vicar-General (the archbishop’s second in command) is Monsignor Gregory Ramkissoon. A Trinidadian by birth, Msgr. Gregory came to Jamaica in 19xx and was ordained a priest in 19xx. He is the founder of the Mustard Seeds Communities, and was appointed the Vicar-General in 20xx.

Vicar of Administration

The Vicar of Administration is responsible for much of the temporal management of the Archdiocese. The current vicar is Fr. Kingsley Wayne Asphall, appointed in 20xx. A Jamaican by birth, Fr. Kingsley was ordained in 1991 and is currently the pastor of The Holy Cross Church.

Vicar for Clergy

The Vicar for Clergy functions as the personnel officer for the Archdiocese. He is the liaison between the archbishop and his priests and deacons. Since 20xx, the vicar for clergy is Fr. XXXX.

Vicar for Women

The Vicar for Women is responsible for the spiritual welfare of the women religious (nuns) of the archdiocese. Fr. XXXX has been the vicar for Women since 20xx.

Judicial Vicar

The Judicial Vicar is a canon lawyer (an expert in Church law) who oversees the legal affairs of the archdiocese. He also handles dispensations and other matters to do with marriages and annulments. Monsignor Michael Palud, a member of the Oratorians, has been our Judicial Vicar since 20xx. A French-Canadian by birth, he first came to Jamaica in 19xx and has served both in the diocese of Mandeville and in the Archdiocese of Kingston.

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