The COVID-19 Coronavirus which has been with us for the past three months has brought about major disruption and dislocation to the lives and livelihood of many of our fellow brothers and sisters across our Diocese. Many are experiencing challenges in coping with the impact of the disease. We cannot ignore their plight.

The capacity of our various Church Communities to continue their out reach ministries has always been dependent on the human and financial support of our Lay Faithful. Now more than ever we need this support, especially as those who are most vulnerable look to the Archdiocese.

We have identified 870 families for care packages which we aim to deliver every two weeks for a three-month period. This would be a total of 5,220 care packages. Each care package would include basic foods such as rice, cornmeal, flour, sugar, cooking oil, Vienna sausages, sardines, tin mackerel, toilet paper, bath soap and toothpaste. The average cost per care package is $5,000.00

We are asking for your sponsorship in cash or kind for these packages. Please contribute to this urgent need.

May you, your families and organizations be blessed and protected during this challenging time.

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